Pure All Natural Virgin Coconut Oil


Extraction Method. Cold Pressed and Centrifuge extracted.

Our Virgin Coconut Oil is derived from fresh mature coconuts. 11-12 months old to maximize the oil content from the coconut meat. Coconut cream is Cold Pressed by a low pressure mechanical extractor from a very thick and fresh coconut meat which includes the testa (the light brown layer which is rich in anti-oxidants). The coconut cream (emulsion of oil-water-protein) is spun delicately and separated by a centrifuge with no added heat. The oil or VCO is then collected and filtered.


Attributes. Light Taste. Fresh Coconut Aroma. Ideal for oral consumption. Highly Palatable. Considered by VCO connoisseurs as premium quality.         

Lightness makes it ideal as an excellent carrier oil for massage oils.

Lightness makes it also easy to take orally.


For Bulk requirements, email us at info@cocobody.com


Product of the Philippines

Distributed in the US by R & G LLC, St,. Joseph, MI.