Virgin Coconut Body & Massage Oil chamomile-scented


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Enjoy a relaxing and cooling massage with our virgin coconut chamomile-scented body & massage oil.

Pure and all natural virgin coconut oil is known as an excellent carrier oil as it absorbs well into the skin. The medium chain fatty acids, mainly lauric acid content, of coconut oil, is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


How to Use

Apply gently  into skin as a body oil to maintain skin hydration. You will notice, even with the oil on your skin it does not feel "oily" (good skin absorption of coconut oil).

Apply gently and generously as a massage oil.


Useful info

Pure and All Natural virgin coconut oil  starts to solidify below 25 Celsius especially in places with cool or winter temperatures. This is a very good indicator of the purity of the virgin coconut oil.

When solidified, place bottle in warm water to become liquid.

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