Pure & All Natural, Cold Pressed Centrifuge-extracted Virgin Coconut Oil


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Our popular Pure & All Natural Virgin Coconut Oil is highly palatable and easy to take  orally because of its light taste and fresh coconut aroma.


Process & VCO quality

Coconut cream is cold-pressed from fresh coconut meat with its brown testa (pairing layer) to capture  the anti-oxidants (phenolics, tocopherols, tocotrienols) rich in the testa in addition to the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil.

The cream (an oil-water emulsion) is delicately spun, without adding heat, in a centrifuge to produce a light tasting and fresh coconut aroma Virgin Coconut Oil. Our VCO is considered premium by VCO connoisseurs.  


Useful Info

Pure all natural Virgin Coconut Oil starts to solidify at 25 Celsius - this is a good indicator of its purity and quality (not adulterated or diluted).

When VCO becomes solid in cool or winter climates, place VCO container in warm water to become liquid.

When consuming solid VCO, the solid VCO immediately starts to melt in the mouth due to the body temperature which is typically at 36 Celsius. The body's digestive enzymes easily breaks down coconut oil's medium chain fatty acids  and makes the components available for energy production and use by the body's immune system.

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